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Our Project Manager

Pocket is a great assistant, but she’s also an excellent project manager. She doesn’t feel the need to micromanage, but can sit just out of the way to let her minions do all the work while providing the occasional woof … Continue reading


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Wordless Wednesday: Best Corgi Expression EVER

Shock? Surprise? I’m not sure, but it’s really cute! Give that bottom photo¬† a caption!


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Wordless Wednesday: Window Watcher

Out her new window are new friends for watching, which she’s happy to do most of the day.


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Pause on Pocket – Dog Shaming?

So what’s all this ruckus about dog shaming? I see folks posting about ‘animal abuse’ and humiliation… folks: DOGS CAN’T READ. I personally think dog shaming is hilarious. As long as a dog is loved and being lovingly put in … Continue reading


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