Offer Placed!

Well, we did it again: we’ve put another offer on another place. We’re so excited.



Also a bit nervous, as the place will need a LOT of work. But you know what? I’m not happy unless i’m busy, and as i just ended one of my part time jobs, i’ll have some time on my hands. Time that will be spent freelancing, but could also be spent painting kitchens, pulling carpets, cleaning up outbuildings, and putting in shelving. And flooring. And garden beds…..  Doesn’t hurt that my husband works for a furniture restoration business and is learning all about woodworking and how to spruce up old wood!

I’m also proud to say that we still have all of the money from the sale of our Austin home and then some: despite beign quasi employed in this rough economy over the past year we’ve stayed out of debt and even managed to put away at least a few dollars every month towards savings. The first year (and new roof, siding, some paint and flooring materials plus odds and ends) will certainly put a dent in that savings, but i think we have enough to cover the major repairs up front AND we’re good at to-do lists and long term planning. The wrap around porch will live in our brains until we can afford it, and all other ‘cosmetic’ repairs will happen by and by.

Our dream “Rommel Farm” is 17.5 acres just south of Peedee (and Monmouth) with 10 acres of pasture, plenty of big trees, usable outbuildings some “extras” like a tiller and tractor laying about the place. Did i mention the massive ‘pantry’ off the kitchen and the stunning views over the property, including SUNSETS!? The first step, if the bank accepts our offer, is to get the place inspected. We may wish to get a more thorough inspection than normal and perhaps even get some roofers and siding contractors out to see the place and give us some bids on the repairs, and their professional advice on ‘how bad is it’ in regards to some of the dry rot. The interior of the house is in amazingly good shape for having been rented for 10 years. And there’s space in there, let me tell you! I might be inspired to have a few kids just to fill all that extra space.

But probably not, sorry.  😉   The siding, despite its current state of disrepair, IS solid wood…. which means we should be able to reclaim a lot of it for other uses: a deck, re-siding the barn, some animal tractors for the pasture. I really like the idea of sustainably using the materials we have on hand (including, hopefully the wood from a historic barn that fell down near a friend’s house). Anyone know if Scotch Broom is safe for goats and hogs to eat: cuz there’s a lot of it that needs to be “managed.”

If you know any good roofers, farm inspectors, contractors or the like in the Monmouth/Dallas/Philomath area, please send me a message with your recommendation! And please wish us tons of luck!

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  1. Joy

    Just make sure you check the foundation. I know you all will do that. I watch too many of those house flipping/restoration show. Good luck and I will enjoy watching the transformation should you blog about it.  

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