No Knead Wheat Bread

Remember that decadent olive bread i posted about a while back? I’m still working my way through Jim Lahey’s book, but have stuck on one recipe for several batches: Whole Wheat Bread.

Encouraged by the author to play with the proportions of whole wheat to bread flours, i upped the wheat to a full cup and added a tablespoon each of ground flax seed and hemp seeds. The resultant bread has a crisp crust, soft center, and makes for good sandwich bread and especially good toast. I miss the honeyed wheat bread recipe that used to be my ‘go to’ sandwich bread. I got that recipe out of an old fashioned bread and soup book i found at a thrift store. This artisan bread is gorgeous and delicious, but not QUITE as easy to eat as “regular” bread. Sure is easier to make though. I love the ‘no knead’ concept, and especially love that i can just whip up some ingredients together at 8 pm to finish up the next afternoon at my leisure. Pretty swell.

My “danish dough whisk” is pretty swell too, isn’t it? I just love that thing. Anyhoo, the flax and hemp add nutrition, but also some moistness to the bread, i think. They’re definitely good for the texture and add a nutty flavor to the bread. Speaking of the bread, isn’t it perty!?

Tastes great, too.

How about you? Do you prefer to knead manually, use a bread machine, or skip the kneading for a long rise?

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