Elk Steaks

I got my hands on some Elk sirloin steaks last week, and tried my hand at cooking them on the stove. I’m not an overly experienced meat cook, so i sent out a call for help on my Facebook page. I got some great info on how to tell when meat is cooked by using your palm, and some other ideas on marinades, etc. I ended up experimenting with the marinade, and used my meat thermometer to test doneness instead of the palm test (which was really, just too vague for me). The flavor was great, the doneness a perfect medium, and the spuds and broccoli were finished at the same time as the meat…

… I declare this meal a success!

I steamed the broccoli, made “oven fries” out of one red potato, and tossed in some sliced onions over the meat after i flipped it. For the meat, i marinated it in dijon mustard, soy sauce, cayenne powder, salt and pepper and garlic paste. I prefer to cook meat over open flame, but the weather is not always conducive for that here in Philomath. Instead, i cooked the meat in my large cast iron pan, partially lidded. Since i’m not very experienced cooking meat, i was intensely proud of the way this meal came together. I think it was enjoyed by all, though i’m sure Pocket would have liked to get her paws on some. 😉

What’s your favorite way to prepare steak?

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