It’s Avocado Season, Y’all

Quick! Run to the grocery store and stock up on in-season avocados! Those little gems full of “good” fat and lovely flavor are usually expeeeensive, but not so when in season. Watch for sales and prices under .75 cents a fruit (2 for $1.00 at Grocery Outlet, baby), and stock up. You may wonder: what will i do with all those avocados? They ripen suddenly and need to be utilized at the ‘best’ point in their ripeness to take advantage of their flavor, but never fear: you CAN put by avocados!

Love guacamole? Enjoy it all year, even when the avocado prices are absurd: buy avocados in bulk when they’re cheap, and store them in the freezer!

1. Buy a whole mess of avocadoes

2. Wait for them to ripen (nice and soft, but not rotty-mush)

3. Cut open avocados *the right way* and scoop flesh out into a bowl

4. Sprinkle a small amount of citric acid or lime juice and salt over the fruit and mush together

5. Fill freezer bags with the avocado mush, label and store in the freezer.

Your frozen avocado will make great guacamole (be careful when you mix it up, as the avocado is already limey/tangy), ice cream, assorted dips or sandwich spread. Now get on out there and buy some avocados!

*No, avocados aren’t local, but if you’re in the south they’re close to local, and even cheaper than they are up here in the PacNW. Try and choose Mexican avocados for the fewest border crossings.

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