Homestead Update: June 1st

My my, the time is flying! Seems like i was just writing the May 1st update. It also seems like we haven’t gotten much accomplished this last month. It’s hard to compete with teh flurry of activity that was our first 3 months, but things are starting to LOOK really nice at least.

I’m not going to re-cap the previous months’ photos this time, but you can check out last months’ update to see them all.

Items accomplished: We finished up the chicken coop and got the pastured layers moved out. Our chicks are getting big and have moved out to the brooder coop and will go out with the big birds in about 3-4 weeks. The mower broke so our lawn went crazy again. I began building a swell little raised bed destined to be my first kitchen garden. I put together some very pretty little planters with herbs and such around each door and i finally got my packing/shipping desk sorted out in the studio. The highlights of May were probably: going on VACATION – oh my gosh so amazing to get away but also wonderful to come back to this amazing place we call home! Confirming that the rabbits ARE in fact pregnant and should have babies on TUESDAY! So exciting! Also, i planted some cover crops here and there to start breaking up the compacted soil. I anticipate a pretty poor germination rate as i don’t have a harrow or anything and the tractor is still not running, but at least the stuff in the yard is germinating nicely. The house itself doesn’t look much different, but wowee the pasture is full of daisies!

Aren’t the chicks getting big? They’re all super pretty in their own ways and we’re pretty sure we have two cockerels: a Wyandotte and a Speckled Sussex. The sussex has been named “Davey Crocket” as he is quite adventurous and daring. Definitely the most exciting thing that happened this month was breeding my rabbits for the first time 28 days ago, marveling at how well my little first time buck “performed” and enjoying the thrilling behavior of my does “hay stashing” in anticipation for Tuesday’s kindling (giving birth). I put the next boxes in for the older ladies today and will put the juniors’ boxes in on Monday. The big girls are due Tuesday and the littles’ Thursday. Wish me luck for some big litters! Pocket is getting hungry, so are we and i have some orders for breeding stock to fill! I can’t wait to see all the pretty colors (though cuteness will make butchering a bit less easy).

Ah, the miracles of life.

How has your spring been shaping out? Anything thrilling happened on your homestead?

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