Fiber Fridays: Handspun Hat!

I finished my husband’s hat! FINALLY. I recently posted the beginning of the knitting process of this hat, but i really started this hat back in the Winter when i first spun and plied the yarn. It’s a lovely shade of mixed greens, blues and browns and i added stripes of straight brown. Overall this hat matches my hubs’ eyes perfectly and i was successful in knitting a “long gnomish” hat, per his request. I love my gnome-husband!

 Like most of my knitting projects, i tackled this hat sans-pattern. I knitted a swatch, measured his head, estimated the number of stitches and cast on…. like 5 times until i was satisfied it wouldn’t be way to big or small… and knitted on DPNs finishing with my first puff ball. The k3 p3 ribbing is nice and stretchy/cuddly and i alternated every 9 rows for the stripes. My goal had been to reduce so that the reductions came together evenly, but i wasn’t doing my ssk (slip slip knit) correctly, so i ended up with a spiraly reduction. Which is okay. I got the long point by reducing at the beginning of every dpn (working on 4) starting by reducing 1 row, knitting through 2 rows and later increasing my reducing to every other row and then ever row at the very end. I am not a pattern writer and writing about knitting sounds really lame, so i’ll stop now. 😉 All in all, i’m proud, he’s happy and warm and looking forward to cooler weather to really try it out. I spun this yarn pretty finely, so i’m sure i’ll be knitting him another bulkier hat this holiday season. It’s time to knit MYSELF something first, though. 😉

******* FEATURED Fiber Friend of the Week  *******

This week i’m featuring two little dogs that are on their way to The Daily Corgi. That’s right, i’m giving back to the corgi supportive and obsessed Laurie Eno of blogging fame and sending her a little corgi to call her own. It’s her first corgi, in fact: she’s currently a cat owner despite her corgi obsession. I’m sending along two little dogs so that she can choose her favorite and offer the other as a giveaway for the corgi loving online community. Watch for Fiber Friends on The Daily Corgi later this month.

What do you think: which dog would YOU choose?  Find this post at Simple Lives Thursday.

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