Fermented Pickles Part 1

I am a major advocate for eating fermented food, especially after listening to this week’s Radio Lab. Probiotics are good for your gut and for your mental health, so it’s wise (and delicious!) to incorporate something fermented into every meal. Pickles are an easy way to add a little serving of something fermented, tangy, tart and tasty to many dishes. My favorite pickles are jalapenos or cucumbers, but as it’s very early Spring, i wanted to work with what was readily and seasonally available. I chose red onions.

Despite loving to ferment things, i lack a decent crock. SO i use a jerry rigged jar/rubber lid/ another jar system. It doesn’t work WELL, but it works. Mostly. For this batch i’m fermenting in a 1/2 gallon jar with about 1.5 quarts of liquid added to a half filled jar of sliced onions, garlic, peppers and cilantro. I cover the veggies with a brine that’s made of about 3 tablespoons of salt to 1 quart water. On top of the liquid and veggies i squish in a pyrex lid that’s just about the right size to hold the veggies under the liquid, and place a weight on top of the lid, in this case a hot sauce bottle. Cover the whole shebang with a cloth to keep the little flies out.

I didn’t leave a ton of headspace, so i set my jar in a baking dish in case it over flows. I’ll let this sit until it ferments to my liking….. and more about THAT next time!

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