Fermented Pickles #2

So, i never really updated my first pickle post. I was remiss. I was too busy eating them to take their pickled pictures, so now all those lovely red onions have been gobbled up: i guess they were a success! I decided with zucchini season really gearing up, i’d try my hands at some fermented zucchini pickles… but i have a few concerns.

I chose some skinny little pickling sized zucchini babies and placed them in the same brine i always use (1 T salt to 1 Q water). I topped my jar with my normal little pyrex lid and used another jelly jar as my weight – which works way better than a silly hot sauce bottle! BUT i added spices this time. Loose spices. Loose spices that immediately floated to the top. This means they have contact with the air and could potentially drag nasty bacteria down into the safe ‘good bacteria’ zone of the brine. Fermentation has since cruised along nicely. The water is murky and there are active bubbles happening……

This post can be found at the Simple Lives Thursday blog hop.

What do you think, should i be concerned? Just in case, i’ll be picking up some more baby zucchinis tomorrow to make some basic refrigerator pickles as a backup.


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  1. Hanna

    So I know this is almost a year later…do you remember how these turned out? I’m really interested in fermenting our own stuff and found your blog via pinterest. When you make your brine do you just mix and it’s good to go or do you have to wait a specific period of time? Thanks!!!

  2. hi, Hanna!
    yes, they turned out GREAT! sadly i didn’t eat them fast enough and about 7 months later they got way soggy. :( eat those pickles while they’re crisp!

    For the brine i just mix it, shake it up until the salt is dissolved and use as is. The key for expedited fermentation is the temperature of your house. Too cold it’ll take forever, too warm and it goes faster than you’re ready for!
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