Does Your Dog Flyball?

Mine is learning – and LOVES IT! Pocket is a 2.5 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi who has about 5 classes of Flyball under her belt, and enough “drive” for a whole team!



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  1. Hi! Came over on the Wordless Wednesday blogroll. My corgis don’t do flyball, but they love agility!
    Taryn recently posted…Wilson’s Wagon Wheel on Wordless Wednesday

  2. Gosh I wish Gizmo enjoyed flyball cause it’s so much fun but he has absolutely no interest in balls – ever…now if it was a squirrel or rabbit being launched he’d be all over it (NB I am NOT advocating using live animals for flyball)
    Gizmo (@GizmoGeodog) recently posted…WORDLESS WEDNESDAY – HIKE AT GATOR CREEK RESERVE

    • hee hee – Pocket started her working life learning to herd sheep – but that’s pretty expensive and quite challenging for me, the human! We discourage animal chasing, as we plan on having livestock that does not need to be harassed. 😉
      perhaps you should get a rabbit SHAPED ball?

  3. Thanks for the lesson on Fly Ball. Hadn’t heard of it before, but it sure looks like fun and my beagle would love it! Pocket did great! (What a cute name, by the way!)
    Cara, Dog Tested Mother Approved recently posted…Tree Zzz’s

    • It is so much fun, Cara!
      She’s had another lesson after this post and was going all the way from 25 feet, over all the jumps with a great box turn and back over all the jumps in just over 5 seconds! Pretty amazing for a beginner!

  4. What a great activity for an energetic corgi girl!
    Deena O’Daniel recently posted…Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop: All Lined Up

  5. Great video! Looks like she is having lots of fun. :)



  6. CK

    Jozi would LOVE this; she loves to chase after balls but just can’t learn to bring them back. I think she is a corgi-toy-hoarder.
    This would be fun for her; we might have to look into this.
    Thanks so much for posting this and the video too!
    CK recently posted…One Year and 6 Months Old

  7. Mich H

    My old collie loved anything to do with a tennis ball; the current pooch a GSD isnt really into ball chasing. Shame.

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