Bunny Update- Growing, New Litter, First Sale

Yipee, i made my first sale! Strawberry’s beautiful and super sweet buck and one of Bluebell’s pretty blue does from a nice, big litter are on their way to Springbank Farm in Lebanon to add color and size to their small flock of meat rabbits. I’ve been playing with their buck since it was born in hopes to send along a tame boy for Michelle’s twin daughters to love on, and i think it worked! He’s like a living stuffed animal. :)  (I’d hoped for a photo of the girls with their new rabbits, but it was hot as blazes outside and i forgot my camera. doh!

The rest of the rabbits are doing great. We had a bit of a scare when some sneezing broke out, but i realized my ventilation had been severely cut when i put up shade cloth, so i popped some gaps in it, added a fan and misters and everyone’s health has improved. Save, Sake’s litter who continue to sneeze on occasion. I have them quarantined outside on the lawn and had to let a few interested customers down: i will NOT sell stock that i think might be sick.

Speaking of stock available for sale – check out the ALL NEW Birdsong Farm page! This blog is super fun, but Pocket Pause is also a website with information about our farm and businesses. Check out the farm page to see animals and other products available for sale. I will keep it updated often, so check in frequently!

Blackberry kindled for the first time last week and i could not be more pleased! 9 healthy and fast growing kits! These rabbits are looking really nice and growing all at the same pace. I bred her twice, about an hour apart and am pleased with the results of that timing.Way to go, Blackberry and Hazel! The rest of the kits are almost 7 weeks old and weighing between 2 lbs 6 oz and almost 3 pounds. It makes a big difference to be raised with 2 littermates or 7! Bluebell’s are definitely smaller than the kits who grew up in smaller litters, but their confirmation seems good. It will be interesting to see when they reach butcher weight in comparison with the others and in comparison with Blackberry’s current litter that seems to be growing more rapidly.

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