Brain Dead

Wowee, the Black Sheep Gathering was so awesome. I want to post all about it and share some of the rad things we learned, but my brain is still fuzzy from all the input and i have to go to work today. SO here are the highlights to be elaborated on later this week:

  1. I got a blue ribbon!
  2. We’re pretty sure we’ll be adding a few cashmere or pygora wethers to our dairy goat flock (herd?)
  3. Dying yarn with mushrooms is totally awesome
  4. Fiber people are major dorks, in a really great sort of way
  5. It rains entirely too much in Eugene
  6. Choosing a skein of roving out of millions of skeins is incredibly difficult

That’s all for now. I hope you had as great of a weekend as i did. As a note: my next few weeks are pretty busy with baby shower preparations, backed up orders and a children’s book that needs finishing up so i may not be posting with regularity. I”m sure most of you are out in your gardens or playing with the kids anyway and won’t even miss me. I WILL post some pictures of my prize winning sculptures soon, though (and they’ll be available on Etsy!)

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