Birdsong Corner Farm: New Life

We’re still toying with farm names…. and this time of year we’re surrounded by birdsong. So for today at least, we’re going with “Birdsong Corner Farm.” In honor of the name of the day, a little family of Juncos has given us the excuse to leave the tractor out a little longer.

I have always loved Juncos. They’re around most of the year, unlike many of the migratory birds here just for breeding season. They’re a bit like an Oregon version of Chickadees and i’m so happy a little family has made their nest where i can watch the chicks grow. Though we really do need to get the tractor running, so their placement could have been a little more convenient. They haven’t much liked all our power tool activity in the shop, either. “Tit! Tit! Chit! Chit!”

Have you ever had birds nest somewhere down right “in the way?” Did you leave them to entertain you, or did you have to make them move?


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  1. I’ve never seen a bird build a nest on the ground. How cute!

    We’ve had several Carolina Wren nests in boots left on the back porch, in a pair of post hole diggers hanging in the barn, and several times they’ve built nests in the pockets of our tool pouches hanging in the barn. Thankfully, we didn’t need any of those items so we left them alone. Probably even if we had needed them we would’ve done without or figured something else out so as not to disturb the nest or young’uns.
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    • Oh, i just love that! I LOVE wrens sooo much. We have a family of wrens that took up house in a swallow box we built. It’s way too big for them, but also right out our bathroom window so we can stand and watch them sing their little hearts out.
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