Name That Bat!

As Fiber Fridays continue their hiatus due to my lack of knitting/spinning time – i thought i’d use this post to pool the collective knowledge on something other than fiber arts: bats!

We’re having our downstairs windows replaced (before and after shots tomorrow!) and the installer discovered a hidden friend behind our siding under one of the windows. This poor little bat was ousted from his home and placed on our old ‘chicken crossing’ sign – sort of an odd juxtaposition of flying animals…. I’m not sure what type of bat he is and i’m not sure he’ll find his way to a new home in this chilly weather since i have no bat houses. I am hopeful that he’ll find a nice spot in one of our trees or snuggle up in the barn. i absolutely adore bats and their bug killing skills, so i hope he made it through the ordeal and will stick around!

Anyone know what type of bat this is?


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  1. I’d guess that he’s a Little Brown Bat, they are pretty common and aren’t shy about living in human structures. Hopefully he will find a new home in the barn! I love bats!!!
    Cortney recently posted…Fickle Forecasts.

  2. Bats are such beneficial animals! If you send a photo to Bat Conservation International they will know what kind it is. Here in Austin we have the largest urban bat colony in the country (world?)…literally millions of Mexican Free Tail Bats nest under the Congress Avenue Bridge. They eat tons of insects that would otherwise be biting us! They come out every evening at sunset and it looks like smoke pouring out from under the bridge. Quite impressive!
    Deena O’Daniel recently posted…Give Your Child a Snow Monkey for Valentine’s Day

    • i loved visiting the congress bridge to watch the bats. we lived just down south first street, and yet only made it to watch the batties a few times. we had some in our backyard on occasion.
      Miranda recently posted…Name That Bat!

  3. Mich H

    I love bats esp watching them hunting/swooping in the summer night sky.
    We have Long Eared and Pipistrelle bats here on the farm :)

  4. Funny. We found a little bat exactly like that one when we were re-doing our cedar shingle roof a couple years ago. Cute little fuzzy brown thing. Hissed like crazy at us, though! Husband put it up in the trees. :)

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