My End of Year Donation

I wonder if i can make this donation tax deductible somehow… unlikely.

Disclaimer: this post is totally diary-esque with lots of pictures of ME instead of anything useful. Sorry. At least it ends in a question!

Yep, i went for the big chop. I’ve been growing my hair out since the last too-short cut, back in 2008: the summer before my wedding 4.5 years ago. That’s about 5 years of growth, right there! My hair has generally been lustrous and uber healthy: i wash it with my own shampoo bars or baking soda, and follow with herbal hair rinses and apple cider vinegar. But lately i’ve been remiss with the herbs. The woodstove has dried it out and even singed some hairs near my temple. Zipping up my winter coats became a dangerous activity and rolling over in bed was an event! So, i’m back in bob, loving my shorter hair. It brings out a bouncier me and is certainly easier to wash and dry. Bring on the horsetail, rosemary, sage and other herbs: it’s time to get my tresses back in a healthy state.

I’m left with two long braids to deal with. Part of me wants to keep them for posterity….. but someone else in need could surely use them. But where should i donate? Locks of love? Pantene? Some other option?

Do you know anything about the various hair donation programs? One better/ under served than the others?

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  1. HI Miranda – I am a Locks of Love kinda gal. I have donated to them 4 or 5 times. I haven’t sent a donation since 9/2011 and I am long overdue (pun intended), but I think it will wait the winter out with long hair and snip it in the spring when the weather heats up. I know what you mean about turning over in bed being a challenge. I braid it and that works really well! Your hair looks great!
    Sincerely, Emily recently posted…Just busy I guess (and Rosemary Lemon Cookies)

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