Greetings from Corvallis!

In a rare appearance together, may i introduce Miranda and Andy Rommel:

Yup, that’s me and the husband! We had a fun time at the Indoor Winter Market last weekend, peddling our wares and chatting with the locals. It was sure cold, though! Keen to hear more about Nude Soap’s public appearances? (ha). “Like” Nude Soap on Facebook for all the most current news and announcements.

I’m crazy busy working on the new blog, so forgive me for my brevity!

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  1. Nel

    You guys are cute !
    I love your shampoo, even though I understand there may not be much right now, I love it and didn’t want to go buy the “store  bought kind !
    And the Everywhere Creme is so delicious, especially the lavender cedarwood scent.
    Thanks for your quality products and keep them coming !

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