Fiber Fridays: Fergus!

Today’s Fiber Friend is from the vaults! Fergus was one of my earliest Fiber Friends i was really proud of. Not quite as detailed as the 2013 Friends but still bestowed in cuteness. His mom, Susan risked felted life and limb for these shots (the real Fergus is only playing sleepy here, he had a mission to eat some wool!)


Thanks for sending in these pictures, Susan!

Want your dog and/or Fiber Friend featured on my website? Shoot me a message and i may feature your Friends next! And for even more fun, sign up for my weekly-ish newsletter for photo contests with monthly themes and PRIZES! This month’s theme is “flowers” and i’d love to see your pups posing in some posies. :)

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  1. Susan Taylor

    Thanks, Miranda. We do love our Felties!

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