Backyard Wildlife: Pheasant

This little fellow has been distracting me all day long the past few weeks. he’s just too beautiful and fascinating, i can’t not stare at him!

Wish i had a zoom lens: he’s actually very close but i can’t get a good enough up-close image. Apparently this fellow lost his mate last year. Very sad because i’d love to see more of these beauties out in our pasture and yard. All day, he patrols the edges of the scorth broom, grazing on grass and occasionally flapping his wings with a metallic crowing sound. Last night i witnessed a hilarious image: a pheasant sprinting across an open area standing straight up and running as fast as he could. Hilarious! My own rooster was quite bemused.

Have you ever seen a pheasant in the wild?


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  1. Sheila

    Sounds like he may be claiming his territory. Pheasants are polygamus, and they don’t keep the same mate(s) from season to seasn. We see a lot of them in Wyoming. Here is an article (from N. Dakota, but still…)

  2. Mich

    I have masses of pheasants that come daily to the wild bird feeders…the dog has made it her personal mission to keep them out of the garden! Talk about a losing battle.

  3. hummm, i hadn’t thought about that – the pheasant as a pest in the garden. Guess i’ll wait til next year when i actually plant some stuff ot get irritated with him.
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  4. Though you didn’t able to get a closer view of the pheasant still it is a great image. Pheasants have 30% of annual survival rate, out of which only 2-3 % of the population live to the age of 3.
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