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Seasonal Inspiration

Since leaving my garden in Austin, as well as the endless bounty of year-round growing seasons, i’ve been feeling pretty disconnected from my food. In Austin, when i wondered “what’s for dinner?” all i had to do was walk out … Continue reading

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Fairview Farm Dairy

The first animal my husband and i decided we wanted to raise was goats. Want to get some strong opinions about livestock from everyone you know? Tell them you want to raise goats…. they’re sure to give you an opinion. … Continue reading


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We know you want this side of ram, Rufus….. That side o’ram is actually for Pocket, Rufus….  so, paws off! More on the entertaining properties of city slickers hacking apart frozen ram carcasses and happy corgis snacking on said ram … Continue reading

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Homemade Yogurt in 3 Easy Steps!

Heat. Cool. Incubate. Those are the three steps it takes to make yogurt at home. That’s it! You don’t need a fancy yogurt maker, a dehydrator or mail order starter cultures. All you need is a pint of REAL yogurt, … Continue reading


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