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All Wire Rabbit “Tractor” for Safely Pastured Rabbits

I raise New Zealand rabbits for meat, breeding stock, and participation in the occasional rabbit show. One of the most common misconceptions i run into from folks not used to rabbits as livestock is “aren’t they unhappy in wire cages?” … Continue reading


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Rabbit Update – No White Rabbits Here!

When i got into rabbits, i chose to raise colored New Zealands. New Zealand Reds are actually the ‘original’ color of meat rabbits but nowadays are considered to be smaller than the commercially popular New Zealand Whites. Bah, i say! … Continue reading

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Welcome, Rabbits

My rabbit-tree is nearly complete and now houses 4 adorable and SOFT rabbits! Rabbits, who by the way were rather non-plussed about riding in the back of my car for two hours. Please join me in welcoming these 4 sweet … Continue reading


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My Rabbit Tree

We’re expecting the arrival of three new family members in the next week or so – and this is their new home! My rabbitry was our first big project: fix up the room in the barn, put up fencing in … Continue reading


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