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All Wire Rabbit “Tractor” for Safely Pastured Rabbits

I raise New Zealand rabbits for meat, breeding stock, and participation in the occasional rabbit show. One of the most common misconceptions i run into from folks not used to rabbits as livestock is “aren’t they unhappy in wire cages?” … Continue reading


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Prevent Duckling Drownings – Easy DIY Duckling Ramp

Ducks! They LOVE water and are a joy to watch floating, splashing and bathing¬† in a pond or kiddy pool. But sadly, ducklings can easily drown.¬† Ducklings ARE born quite buoyant and float easily, but they are tiny and can … Continue reading


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Caution: Wet Paint

When you live on a farm, you will never get through your endless to-do list, even if you’re not farming for a ‘living’ per say. So, it’s always good to celebrate a bit when you cross something off said list! … Continue reading


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Fiber Fridays: DIY Self-Striping Yarn Dyed with Coffee

I’m scheming up some great holiday gifts for my friends and family this Christmas and i wanted some coffee colored yarn. I love self striping yarn (mostly because i’m terrible at switching colors) and i’ve been meaning to try dying … Continue reading


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