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Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

You know you live in Oregon when your commute home includes driving past 3 Christmas tree farms and one large depot loading up hundreds of trees into semi trucks. You know you live just shy of an Oregon forest when … Continue reading

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Happy Independence Day!

Have a safe and happy weekend, everyone! Enjoy the fireworks show and remember your pets won’t be… keep them safely indoors or in their safe place through this weekend if you live around folks who may be playing with fire … Continue reading

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Our Project Manager

Pocket is a great assistant, but she’s also an excellent project manager. She doesn’t feel the need to micromanage, but can sit just out of the way to let her minions do all the work while providing the occasional woof … Continue reading


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Employee Of The Month- Pocket!

I think i’ll take today off- Pocket seems to have things under control. Have a good day at work, Pocket! Check out her handiwork at


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