Sheet Mulched Potatoes

Andy seems to have dug up an extra oddly shaped tuber while harvesting our Yukon Golds…


Not sure this will taste better fried, baked or boiled. 😉


We begin our new 10×30 garden beds with potatoes. I lay down a thick layer of cardboard, add rabbit manure and straw, place seed potatoes about 6-8 inches apart in one or two rows and cover in some soil and straw, layering with more soil and straw as they grow. Once the vines die back it’s harvest time! For the best storage, do not rinse your potatoes and get them somewhere cool and dark immediately.

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  1. I’m ALL about homemade potatoes and do at least a few rows of them in my garden every single year. The results are just so good with a high yield and delicious taters that it’d be crazy not to. Nice to see other people who do the same!

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