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Sham-Pooch: All Natural Bar Shampoo for Pooches!

I’m super happy to announce that my popular bar shampoo for dogs, Sham-Pooch is now available on Etsy. You may or may not be aware that i make natural soap under the business name Nude Soap. My hubs and i … Continue reading


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Natural Flea/Tick/Mosquito Prevention

As you know, we love our corgi here at Pocket Pause. Heck, i named this blog after her. We feed her a raw diet, wash her with my natural soap, give her homemade and grain free treats, and are pretty … Continue reading


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All Natural Tooth Powder – a DIY Recipe

As my long time readers from An Austin Homestead know, I like to save money and packaging by making all natural alternatives to common and oft-used around the house products. I make all our soap, of course, and i also … Continue reading


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