Rabbit Update – No White Rabbits Here!

When i got into rabbits, i chose to raise colored New Zealands. New Zealand Reds are actually the ‘original’ color of meat rabbits but nowadays are considered to be smaller than the commercially popular New Zealand Whites. Bah, i say! I love too much playing with genetics and a colorful pallet to raise white rabbits. My buck is a lovely, if a bit small red and i currently have a blue, a black and a red New Zealand doe plus a Harlequin doe for even more color. I recently added a broken black buck to the mix, but so far he has not sealed any deals so no kits of his to show off.

You can always find updated photos and info on current litters over at the Birdsong Farm page, including available meat and breeding/pet stock rabbits. Bluebell’s current litter has some really lovely kits. They’re 5 weeks old now and i will be weaning this week making now the time to buy if you’re looking or a nice doe or buck to add to your breeding program. Bluebell herself is nearly 11 pounds and only 10 months old. She has good sized litters, makes lots of milk and builds a great nest, including on her very first litter. Since dad is red the blue won’t breed true but will be nice to look at! Bluebell is out of Esterline’s TD Lyra and Bonfire’s Bluelee who is one big boy!

I’ve had my eye on the blue and black does in this litter (photos immediately above) and think they’d make really great moms! These two have been bigger and plumper than the rest with nice, wide faces. They are little bricks! The black is getting some steel tips to her fur. These will be real beauties and you’ll have a lot of fun playing with the colors you can get out of them. They will come with a full pedigree. (The opal and 3 of the chestnuts are bucks and one chestnut is a doe.)

And then there’s Sake’s latest litter – oh, the color! There are some very nice stripes in here. I haven’t sexed these kits yet, but if you see one that catches your fancy i can give it a lift to see. I just love them at this age – little ‘dust bunnies’ wiggling all over the place.

Animals plus science plus a little bit of color/art = awesome. White rabbit might be a cool song, but you won’t find any white rabbits here – the color is too much fun!

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