Corgi Friends!

Taking a break from “fiber” Fridays, i thought i’d stick with this month’s “friend” theme and post a few fun photos from Pocket’s recent playdate.

Facebook friend and Corgi rescue activist, Amy Carmona and her pups, Magic and Romeo paid us a visit last weekend! The boys weren’t as keen to play as Pocket would have liked, but she loved just having a friend her own stature to share her yard with.

It is amazing how Corgis just love to play with other Corgis. I’ve found this to be the case with many breeds, but Corgis in particular with their short confirmation and delicate backs really seem to love getting to pounce and chase with dogs their own size and shape. Nothing is worse than a big, tall dog playing “bat me in the face” when you’re only 12 inches tall. Corgi butts unite in the eternal search for voles!

Thanks for stopping by and increasing the cuteness levels (and noise level – barrooooo) of Birdsong Farm for a day, Amy!

Does your dog prefer to play with dogs of the same breed?

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  1. Emily

    We don’t have a chance to play with other corgis. However a ways back, one of the staffers at the day camp we use brought her corgi in on the same day we did. They had to be separated because they kept herding all the other pups into the corner!

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