The Roo Gardening Apron – Truly is a Tool, Not a Garment

I first saw The Roo at our local feed store. I didn’t yet have a garden, so although i was tantalized, i resisted. A few months passed and i found myself with chickens and rabbits requiring hay shlepping and forage gathering. Carrying an itchy bundle of hay across your property in your arms is not ideal, nor is trying to gather armload upon armload of grass and weeds. I found myself dreaming of possessing my very own Roo, but sadly the feed store no longer carried them as it was ‘off season.’  I guess i must have done something right in the world of karma, because look what hangs in our utility room now: my very own Roo, in my very favorite color!  PS – read through this post and then quiver in excitement because YOU get the chance to win your very own!!! Giveaway ends in just 1 week!

A little backstory on the Roo before i get into my own ‘review’ of this product:

The Roo apron was originally designed by Mark Williams of Spokane, WA as a sturdy apron to help fill orders in manufacturing warehouses.  Mark was encouraged to tweak the apron into a gardening apron.  The Roo was born.  Mark approached me in 2007 with the opportunity to  sell and market the Roo.  The arpon quickly gained popularity at garden shows in the NW and it was clear that this was going to be a useful gardening/harvesting tool.
I have since started my own company, TRC Enterprises, and have taken over operations of the Roo.  It has been so much fun seeing the excitement on people’s faces when they see the apron for the first time and then hearing about how useful the apron has been.  It has changed the way that I garden, and I am confident it will do the same for anyone who uses the Roo and experiences hands free gardening for the first time!!
– Tamara Cullen
Yes, that’s right – the Roo is not only a product developed right here in the Pacific Northwest, it’s a woman owned company! I’m proud to have The Roo in my sidebar for the remainder of the year, because i think it’s a fine product indeed. The Roo really does help me go about my chores hands free. It easily slips over my head and the straps tighten the whole affair easily to fit perfectly to any sized person.

The Roo has been chosen by Joe Lamp’l (aka joe gardener from as one of his “best of the must haves” in garden tools and gadgets for 2014.  It’s one size fits all, the pockets and lining are water resistant (i love that it has those upper pockets – great for pruning tools and to-do lists!) and it’s machine washable cold / line dry. I start most mornings by donning my Roo and gathering as much grass and edible weeds as i can gather to bring to the bunnies. I don’t yet have a good ‘tractor’ for them, so harvesting their forage is a good second best. The Roo allows me to pick WAY more at a time than i was able to before.

It’s great to be able to have my hands free to open cages and doors. The only downside to the Roo is that the main compartment isn’t waterpoof, and wet Oregon mornings lead to some wet pants….. which is okay because i usually wear rain gear during the wet season anyway.

A neat feature of the Roo is the double opening: stuff your harvest in the top and then open the flap to drop it into your harvest basket. I’m usually transporting feed that i remove back out of the top, but it’s nice to be able to open it up and shake it out to prevent nasty mold.

I also like to use the Roo when i’m filling up the waterers. I usually put my bottles in a bucket for transport, but the roo helps me carry just over an arm load without dropping them all over the place!

Overall i give The Roo a big thumbs up! You want one of your very own, i promise. Don’t miss the opportunity to get an awesome Roo of your very own for absolutely free! The winner will receive a new Roo in the color of their choice, directly from the manufacturer. Enter our giveaway now – ending in just one week. Winner will be announced next Thursday, so be sure and follow my blog or like us on Facebook to stay posted and find out if you are the lucky winner of this great product!
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* Disclaimer – i received my Roo apron, free of charge to review directly from the manufacturer. My opinions are strictly my own!


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31 Responses to The Roo Gardening Apron – Truly is a Tool, Not a Garment

  1. I like the purple one!

  2. DeAnna Haase

    I love green!

  3. Vickie P

    This is soooo cool! Love the idea and the green one!

  4. Judith

    Looks very useful! Would love to have one for the garden and future rabbits!

  5. Judith

    I love the purple!

  6. Jason

    This is one of the best ideas I have seen in a long time. So much better than a bag over the shoulder. Green is my favorite color 😉

  7. Nice! I would go for a purple one.

  8. Lisa Sumpter

    Love the green one! Cool idea…have always just used the shirt method…

  9. Hilary

    Helpful, I would go for the purple one.

  10. This does look incredibly useful. Thanks for the suggestion!

  11. Janis

    This looks great! I could really use this on the homestead!

  12. Rebecca Swift

    Wow! I have been on the hunt for just this sort of apron! Perfect for chores and harvesting! I love the purple one, it’s so feminine! Thank you for bringing this product to my attention!

  13. Deidre

    Looks super handy. Blue, purple, both are good.

  14. Katherine Kave

    This is awesome. I take a reusable grocery bag with me to the garden but this would be much more efficient!

  15. Meagan Johnson

    I love the blue! How incredibly handy. I wish I had one of those for the last couple months while I was harvesting ridiculous amounts of zucchini and walking back and forth to feed my rabbits!

  16. Beth Ritzman

    I would love the purple one too. Mine would be for gathering grass and forage for my rabbits as well!

  17. Wow. That IS cool. We have a few apple collecting aprons and this is even better!

  18. Theresa

    Just saw this for the first time, and I need to have one of those Red Roos! I might have to put this on my christmas list!

  19. Debby

    So cool! I of course, love the purple one! I could use this for sooo many different things. :)

  20. That would be convenient to have for my vegetable garden.

  21. Teri

    That is a really great design!

  22. Sheila

    Looks like a very handy tool!

  23. Linda

    Wish I would have thought of this!

  24. Christi

    So love the purple one!

  25. This does look amazingly useful. Thanks for the innovative recommendation!

  26. I am looking for special gardening clothes. I can think of so many uses, gardening, laundry, crafts. I LOVE purple!!!!!! By the way, thanks for sharing this post. Keep it up
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  27. So cool and amazing idea. I read your article and enjoy it. Thanks.

  28. I love gardening very much and I like your idea. Really it’s a cool project and I enjoy it very much. Thanks for your great idea.

  29. Well said! I like it. The Roo is a very essential garden tool. Thanks for your great gardening idea. Please keep sharing.

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