Caution: Wet Paint

When you live on a farm, you will never get through your endless to-do list, even if you’re not farming for a ‘living’ per say. So, it’s always good to celebrate a bit when you cross something off said list! I FINALLY painted our chicken coop doors! The rest of the frame is still unpainted and will honestly probably only last a few years as it was made entirely from found materials, but it’s doing the job now, and now it looks a little snazzier. (Have i ever even posted about building our chicken coop???)

Apparently i should have put up some caution tape, as a few of the hens are now sporting some white splashes on their chests and Davey Crocket has a bit of white on his proud comb. Silly poultry.

As always, the ducks and chickens are always curious to my activities. Painting the coop surrounded by my flock was such fun: since i work from home and try to put in a full day’s work, i end up feeling guilty if i’m out just sitting with the chickens. I need to schedule some down time with my animals more often though, their soft sounds and silly antics are so relaxing and entertaining.

Next on the to-do list is to think of a cute phrase to paint on this coop’s nest box door and on the door to my brooder coop. I’m thinking ‘hen party’ or ‘egg hunt’ or ‘babies on board’ are cute but not right on – i need some ideas!

What cute phrase should i paint on my poultry housing? One coop is for making babies and the other is for collecting eggs – go!


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6 Responses to Caution: Wet Paint

  1. “Love Shack” and “Eggs-citing Times!”, “Egg-stra Fun!”, or “Eggstra Rewards!”
    Leslie recently posted…Caution: Wet Paint

  2. Melody

    “Chicks Rule”

  3. victoria

    chalet d’oeufs

  4. Jenny

    “The Cluck Stops Here” or “Cluck Happens”

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