Wordless Wednesday: Corgi-Chick Conversations

What do you suppose they’re chatting about?


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8 Responses to Wordless Wednesday: Corgi-Chick Conversations

  1. What a well-behaved corgi! Mine would be wanting those chickens for lunch!
    Taryn recently posted…Wilson Whittled on Wordless Wednesday

  2. I think the chicken is saying, “Dog, I hope you’re a vegetarian.”

  3. Beth Phillips

    I think Pocket is asking the chicken
    “How do you eat with that pointy thing on your face. “

  4. He just wants to play with them!

  5. “Why the staring, short legs?” :)
    Bethany recently posted…The Pet Pied Piper of Wordless Wednesday

  6. They each look equally interested in the other! :)
    Marcie recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: Ice Cubes

  7. My Chester and Gretel could never get that close to chickens! What a well-behaved doggie.

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