Corgis and Chicks: Baby Belina

The second in our “Corgis and Chicks” series features my special little lap chicken, Belina II. Belina the first was my “lap hen” back in Austin, and we’ve decided to always have a Buff Orpington named Belina in our flock. Baby Belina is proving to be as sweet as her namesake, happy to cuddle or eat from our hands. I can’t wait to pat her for years to come! (She gets a pardon from any culling in the future and will live to her natural demise.)

Big ears and little – alert and listening.

Pocket is so sweet with her kisses…. though i know her real motivation is the ‘snacks’ that our chickens deposit with frequency. So gross.

Buff Orpingtons are awful sweet! Get your own at my Etsy shop – no poop included!



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