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Fiber Fridays: DIY Yarn Bowl

If you knit, you’ve undoubtedly experienced that “geez, there should be a kitten in here” moment when your ball of yarn goes flying across the room. It’s frustrating, right? Center pull balls are usually more well behaved, but so often … Continue reading


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Fiber Fridays: Cowl = Fail

So, remember that experiment with lace i was working on a week or so ago? Yeah, that pygora cowl turned out to be a total fail, though i’m honestly not  surprised. I really have no idea how to knit lace … Continue reading


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Fiber Fridays: Experimenting with Lace

I’m a fairly new knitter. I learned to knit so that i could DO something with all my pretty handspun yarn. So far, i LOVE it. I love knitting like nothin’ else: it’s relaxing, it’s precise, it’s organic, it’s meticulous … Continue reading


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Fiber Friday: BABIES!

We’ve got babies on the brain in my family these days, and no – i am not expecting. My sister had her little bundle of joy last week and named him Logan, which means i shall henceforth be calling him … Continue reading


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