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Duck, duck GOOSE!

It is really looking like a farm yard around here these days: we added a pair of geese! This pair will hopefully raise a few clutches of eggs to expand our goose population to 5 or so permanent residents and … Continue reading

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Barn Renovations! Part 1: Before

This project is going to be exciting, tangible, a learning experience, investment for our future (and future animals) and really rewarding when it’s finished. I’m stoked. What is our current project, you ask? I’m re-designing the interior layout of our … Continue reading

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Rabbit Update – No White Rabbits Here!

When i got into rabbits, i chose to raise colored New Zealands. New Zealand Reds are actually the ‘original’ color of meat rabbits but nowadays are considered to be smaller than the commercially popular New Zealand Whites. Bah, i say! … Continue reading

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Homestead Update: June 1st

My my, the time is flying! Seems like i was just writing the May 1st update. It also seems like we haven’t gotten much accomplished this last month. It’s hard to compete with teh flurry of activity that was our … Continue reading

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