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Memorial Day Pool Party – Fail

When we picked up our geese we purchased one of those ‘kiddy pools’ for them to use. They love it. They play in it ALL day. But this weekend we decided to borrow it for the muscovies to have an … Continue reading


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Duckling Update: 3 weeks old

The ducklings are growing like adorable weeds! Their first feathers are starting to peak out of their baby fuzz and they’re several times larger than they were upon hatching. With all the hawks and ravens about, we’re keeping them in … Continue reading


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Building a Duck Coop

Here at Birdsong Farm we pasture all our poultry and thus far run them together: chickens and Muscovy ducks. Our guinea fowl go wherever they please and have begun patrolling the entire spread for nasty insects – good guineas! The … Continue reading

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Caution: Wet Paint

When you live on a farm, you will never get through your endless to-do list, even if you’re not farming for a ‘living’ per say. So, it’s always good to celebrate a bit when you cross something off said list! … Continue reading


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