Memorial Day Pool Party – Fail

When we picked up our geese we purchased one of those ‘kiddy pools’ for them to use. They love it. They play in it ALL day. But this weekend we decided to borrow it for the muscovies to have an epic pool party with all the kiddos, and because Tchaikovsky has for some reason decided he doesn’t like to take full body baths. He just washes his face and mock bathes in the grass. He is thus FILTHY and i feel bad for the pretty ladies he’s mounting in all his muddy filth. We thought for sure this huge pool would be a big hit! But birds are creatures of habit and not a single one trusted this strange, blue monster filled with what MIGHT be water. I was not about to have all that water wasted, though – so i took matters into my own hands.

Seriously – who has to WASH their duck??? Me, that’s who. Ridiculousness!

At least he got a LITTLE cleaner  😉


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2 Responses to Memorial Day Pool Party – Fail

  1. Kris Gasteiger

    You have the best adventures! Washing a duck! LMAO!!! Thank you for the laugh, made my day.

  2. Roxanne Hawley

    Hahaha! Who ever heard of a duck who didn’t like water. Hysterical!

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