Handmade Holidays #2: REVEALED!

I sure got a lot of great guesses for the teaser photo of bubbly rings in dark purple found in my handmade holidays #2 post… did you guess it right?

Carol guessed blackberry “jelly” but it’s actually blackberry/cayenne JAM! I used a bit less than full sugar, as i couldn’t find my Pomona Pectin, so it’s purty sweet and very delicious. I sent a few jars to various family members, who all scarfed it down with relish! I think my daddy #2 ate half the jar on Christmas morning.

The rings are formed from my canning funnel in between filling jars. I thought it looked pretty enough for a picture, so i took a few! The jam was made with blackberries from down the road and dried cayennes from my Austin garden. I honestly can’t really taste the cayenne, but there might be a bit of perceptible smokiness …

Did you gift any preserves this year?

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