Snuggles for a Bestie

I’ve been having fun revealing the full sized images of all my macro handmade holiday teaser posts…. and i will continue to post more. BUT i must also post some photos that one of my best besties sent me of her modelling her brand new hat. Isn’t she just the cutest thing?

The hat turned out pretty good, too ay? This was my very first ‘good’ hat. Along with another sweet hat sent to another friend (whom i’m waiting to see a picture of! HINT, MANDY: HINT), this hat is ‘almost perfect’ with some funny little oddities as the result of not following a real pattern. My friend lives in New York, so the hat must be warm and fashionable. She declares it will be worn, and that it matches her Winter garb nicely. Yay!

I may not be able to warm my best friends with my hugs, as they live ages away from me… but i can warm their lovely heads with my handspun/ hand knit hats.

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