Wordless Wednesday: Farm Helper

Pocket is such a help around the farm…. though it’d be nice if she could help pluck! Darned her lack of thumbs.

Does your dog help out at your place?


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4 Responses to Wordless Wednesday: Farm Helper

  1. Thanks for not posting a pic of “my” rooster on the chopping block!

  2. haha! This pic is actually from the ‘plucking station’ – i slaughter in a killing cone now and they die quite peacefully. I’ll be posting the process tomorrow, in fact!
    Miranda recently posted…Dogs and Cats Love Entirely Pets!

  3. I am reminded of my momma’s gramma who is 102 years old and does such a deed to make chicken soup. Thank goodness I don’t have thumbs either. Chickens are scary. WOOF!

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