Wild Edibles: Mushrooms!

No, it isn’t quite mushroom season right NOW, as it’s in the 90s and dry as all get out. Fall is just around the corner though, so i thought it a fun time to re-draft this post from last year in anticipation of foraging to come.

In late November of last year, I got to go mushrooming with my husband and pup and we had a family blast. I found a patch of chanterelles, a huge porcini and Pocket even snuffed out a lovely frog after a long sprinting/frap session on the beach. We saw hundreds of mushrooms, most unknown to us and thus unpicked. We still admired seeing all the colors and shapes of the different types of mushroom, and we’ve enjoyed eating those we did bring home: all 6+ pounds of them!

Have you ever hunted for mushrooms?


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  1. Wow! Those are some big mushrooms!! I have a mushroom book that I pull out any time I find one. I haven’t found any eatable yet. Where do you pick them?
    Melissa recently posted…Strawberries Everywhere!

  2. Thank you for sharing your journey and insights on mushroom. Thank you for sharing those wonderful and amazing photos!!Love them!

  3. The red mushroom with the white spikes looks so cool!

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