When Trees Come Crashing Down – On Purpose

We had a major event at the homestead this past weekend: two massive (90+ year old) fir trees came crashing down…. and we asked them to!

At about 9 am on Saturday morning, we got a knock on the door that sealed the fate of these two trees. Referred to us by reputable sources, Kevin Brewer of K&T Trucking was a true pro and expertly dealt with our trees. Before i go on, i want to say a few things about our decision in cutting these beautiful, old plants. This was not an easy decision. I love plants best of all, and truly honor trees for their beauty, longevity, tenacity and life giving breath. That being said, the spindly Grand Fir was not overly healthy or attractive and blocked precious kitchen window sun. The massive Douglas Fir we chose to cut was one of 5 in our front lawn (not counting the especially huge one at the end of the driveway) and the closest to the house. A large scar on the side of its trunk was bleeding sap and its lean was heavily weighted towards the house.  It constantly dropped debris on the roof, and after watching this fellow fall, i’m sure it would have crushed even our large house under itself if it were ever to have fallen in a storm. So, painful as it was, i chose to end this trees life and will be thanking it every time i start a fire to warm us in the next two winters.

Now to the before and after shots! I was quite upset in that i planned on shooting a ‘continuous shot’ of the big tree falling, but was fiddling around with my video setting and missed the fall entirely. I am a woman of regret and second guesses, so that’s all i’ll write about it, but there were tears and tantrums. Here’s what i did get though:

The grand fir came down easy as you please. The doug fir was a bit more terrifying, and it did take out the lovely branch on the tree just to the left of the gazebo, which i was pretty bummed about…. better than the house, though!

Amazing. The doug fir really had the equivalent of 2 or 3 crowns. Massive top, but actually the smallest of the dougs in the yard. Obviously, it left behind some spindlyness in its two neighbors, but the overall impression in real life, in the yard is of beauty. Where we had a house in a miniature, ominous, threatening woods before – we now have a house we can SEE and see OUT of and can enjoy the trees that were left behind. There is still plenty of shade, whispering needles and wildlife habitat with a bit more sunlight and a bit less threat. I love it!

Now, what to do with these two trees laying in our yard….. to the store to buy a maul and the phone to see if any of our friends have a splitter we can borrow!

Have you ever had to cut a large tree from your homestead? Was it delightful, sad or simply terrifying?


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5 Responses to When Trees Come Crashing Down – On Purpose

  1. I’m sorry you had the trauma of cutting down those big trees, but it had to be done for good reasons. And they will provide lots of firewood for you – and maybe some craving and whittling crafts? We have lots of oak trees around our house tht need trimming and one dead one that has to be cut down.

  2. Mich H

    We had to cut down one very old and large Walnut tree near the farmhouse; it broke my heart but it wasnt healthy and it leaned towards the house.
    It was a sad day when that old tree got felled.

  3. Cutting down huge trees like that can be really tough but sometimes you have to do it. Thanks for sharing your story!

  4. I liked what you said about how you should consider cutting down trees that are really ominous that are close to your home because if they fall done it could destroy your home. That is good for me to know because I have a lot of big trees around my home.

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