Found Objects – Trash or Hidden Treasures?

We have a lot of both kinds of found objects here on Gage Road – trash AND treasures. Here are some of my favorite treasures so far:

My new milking chair:

Chicken tractor base, or some other rolling tool cart perhaps?:

Some other fun “found objects” we’ve stumbled upon: a nice, solid 10 foot painters ladder leaned up against the barn, covered in moss and forgotten at the base of a blackberry bush – totally usable! About 9 or so sheets of barn metal roofing: destined for broiler pens and chicken tractors. An old smoker – usability yet to be determined. Lots and LOTS of broken lengths of pvc pipe – i’m sure we can find a use for at least some of them. A neat old square tool. Extra stained glass panels in the attic – in case i decide to give our chicken coop or rabbitry some flare. And of course, a whole shop full of all manner of trash and treasures, including a photo album of some lucky lady’s bachelorette party – of which i will not speak of the details: not family friendly!

Have you ever moved into a place with “memories” left behind? Trash or treasures?


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  1. When we moved into my mother-in-law’s house there was an accumulation of 42 years of never throwing anything away. There was a lot of just trash, but in a bedroom closet I found an antique oak dresser, painted pink! I stripped it and it’s quarter-sawn oak, just lovely. We found several other treasures among the trash. Happy Hunting to you! You have a treasure trove there at your new farm!

  2. What fun having a treasure hunt on your own property! So many possibilities!
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