Slow Summer Days

I just want all of you to know: i am dissatisfied with my lack of consistent posts of late. Honestly, i just haven’t had much content worthy of spewing into the blogosphere. I’m not interested in writing ditties that aren’t informative or at least highly corgi-taining, so i’m not going to write “filler” posts during these slow Summer days. My gardening friends are out gardening, outdoorsy folks are out hiking, and the cooks are even out grilling – so i don’t feel like i’m leaving too many folks with nothing to do by my lack of posts.

That being said, i’m still generating and sharing a lot of great content… on Facebook. You can usually find several shared and pertinent or entertaining links and photos or inspirational questions on my Facebook page every day. I am part of a pretty neat network of homesteaders, gardeners and other savvy folks over there, and while i may not be writing tons of great recipes and gardening tips: they are and i’m happy to share.

I’m hoping that in a month or so i’ll have more than enough great content to write about, and even less time to do it, if we get our farm. We’re still waiting for the bank to throw us a bone, so send positive vibes our way! And in the meantime, visit some of the links on my Resources page and head over to Facebook and join my online community. I’m hoping to get over 200 likes this month, so help me out!

AND stay tuned for tomorrow’s post. I’m featuring a great small business as my “Friday Favorite” in lieu of Fiber Fridays. Be sure and stop back by tomorrow morning and check them out.

Do you find yourself online less often in the Summer? (If not: get outside!)

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