Recommended Reading for Knitters – Patterns for Handmade Gifts

It’s that time of the year: it’s dark early and the holidays are just around the corner… especially if you’re planning on making all your holiday gifts. If you’re a knitter, i have the perfect two books for you to help you prepare for the season: Last Minute Knitted Gifts and More Last Minute Knitted Gifts, by Joelle Hoverson.

Both of these books are chock full of great little patterns and are organized by speed of completion. From socks to scarves, bookmarks to sweaters there are patterns for every skill level and time budget. I’ve already busted out a few of my favorites and find the patterns easy to read and the finished products meet my expectations, even with my relatively beginner skills.

If you’re a knitter and are looking for a book or two to pick up that has a lot of options for giftable patterns, i highly recommend both these books. Buy online or pick up at the local library. If you know a knitter, i can guarantee he or she would be stoked to receive either of these books as a gift. Include a bookmark on the page of a project you’d like for Christmas next year 😉

Check out my sidebar for more recommended reading. Want more handmade holiday inspiration? Visit my post at A Little Bit of Spain in Iowa this week for ideas and resources to help you give handmade this year.

What are your favorite knitting pattern books? Please share and leave me a comment with the title!

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