Pause on Pocket: Broccoli

Our dog, Pocket has always loved veggies, especially broccoli and cherry tomatoes. (Favorites of mine, too: go figure?) As a pup, she’d join me in my veggie garden and snack on little tomatoes while i harvested. She also enjoyed grazing with the chickens in the backyard, helping them gnaw on old broccoli stumps. Pocket now enjoys a diet of Raw Meaty Bones, but i still give her all the veggies she wants. Some more Pocket veggie favorites:

  • kale stems
  • cauliflower stalks
  • carrots
  • peas
  • green beans
  • yams

Her favorite treat in Winter is definitely broccoli. Pocket isn’t allowed in the kitchen while i’m cooking, but if i happen to be chopping up broccoli she usually gets a call. The paws scurry in to receive a chunk of broccoli stem that she brings back to her crate to enjoy while i cook. Sometimes she even gets some broccoli dessert on the couch…. though not very often as she can make quite the mess.

Does your dog enjoy veggies? What’s his/her favorite?



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2 Responses to Pause on Pocket: Broccoli

  1. My lab will eat almost anything (edible and not-so-edible). In the past year I’ve started giving him lots of veggie scraps. That I can remember he likes kale, spinach, green tomatoes, beets, and chard.

  2. Debbie Kerlinger

    Petey’s absolute favorite is carrots. He get so excited when a bag of baby carrots comes out of the fridge, or when I pull out the peeler for the big ones!

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