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Pause on Pocket: Wish us Luck

This week Pocket goes to the vet. She’s perfectly healthy, but we’re taking preventative measures to protect her from potential infection caused by a broken tooth. That i caused. It was my fault. I’m very concerned that Pocket’s tooth breakage … Continue reading


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Pause on Pocket, and Holly

Remember to eat your vegetables, and your organ meat! That goes for Pocket, Holly, and us humans too. Offal is an important part of everyone’s diet, and it’s easy to sneak some into any dish using ground or chopped meat … Continue reading

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Pause on Pocket: Raw Meaty Bones Update

A few weeks ago, i posted about choosing a raw diet for our corgi, Pocket. We decided to follow the basic guidelines of the Raw Meaty Bones movement, plus additional fresh veggies. We had one minor setback, but are otherwise … Continue reading


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Pause on Pocket: Broccoli

Our dog, Pocket has always loved veggies, especially broccoli and cherry tomatoes. (Favorites of mine, too: go figure?) As a pup, she’d join me in my veggie garden and snack on little tomatoes while i harvested. She also enjoyed grazing … Continue reading


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