New Favorite Toy: Dutch Oven

I love my newest kitchen toy. Basic, multi-purpose, last a lifetime good: it’s a dutch oven. It takes up a lot of space, that i really don’t have in this apartment kitchen, but it’s worth it!

Remember that delicious bread i baked the other day? That was all thanks to my dutch oven! Mimicking the environment of a super hot bakery oven, my bread turned out as good or better than that fancy artisanal bread you find at the store for $5.00 or more.

Do you remember my mentioning my inexperience with cooking meat? I no longer have to think and can bust out the MOST DELICIOUS roasts and other meaty/veggie dishes with ease and minimal effort. Just toss meat, veggies, some herbs and wine into my dutch oven and bake low and slow to enjoy with minimal dishes or time spent in the kitchen. I think i about crawled INTO the dutch oven to lick up every last bit of this pork shoulder roast. The fresh hedgehog mushrooms from The Mushroomery didn’t hurt either.

I’d like to say that i got my new dutch oven at the thriftstore where i work, but i actually got this oven new from I did get a set of two cast iron pans, one with a lid passed down from my step-dad for Christmas that i have been loving equally. So now i’m set! I found a few Revereware pots and pans from work, and have begun removing all the non-stick pans and pots from my drawers. I’m so happy to get away from those chemical lined pieces, and back to good old fashioned (and really functional!) cast iron and copper lined stainless steel. The nonsticks were great when they were new, but one use of a pizza cutter or immersion blender in those pots and pans chipped up that coating and cooking with them fills me with malaise.

How about you? Do you love nonstick cookware, or are you a fan of cast iron/stainless steel?

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