Fiber Fridays: Holey Cashmere

Both my husband and I love wearing cashmere. Most of our cashmere sweaters come from various thrift stores for cheap, and almost all have developed little holes over time. I’m mostly okay with holey sweaters, holey thrift store sweaters, that is. I’m not as okay with finding my favorite “purchased new from Macy’s as a Christmas present from my husband” sweaters with moth holes in them. Cedar has been installed in the closet, let me tell you!

So, a few little holes is okay…. but one of my husband’s sweaters is more holes than sweater at this point… and this isn’t the worst one:

I have some plans on fixing my holey sweaters with some cute felted or stitched patterns: picture little applique felted stars stitched over the hole, or just stitching along the border of the hole to make ‘cute’ holes. That’s not so cool for a man’s sweater though, so it is my goal to attempt ‘darning.’ I SHOULD go tot he yarn shop and try to find some fine wool yarn to use, but instead i just spun some that isn’t quite fine enough and is pretty close in color to most of our sweaters.

I’ve never darned before, but upon reading in a super cool knitter’s magazine that i wanted but couldn’t afford, i think i have a good idea on how to do it. Wish me luck!

Any tips, ideas, advice on how to reclaim/ re-purpose holey cashmere?

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  1. Kandace Perkins

    whatever works works. there is nothing with being inventive in the evenings or weekends of boredom. something unique with a touch of this and that. diferent patterns and textures to hold dear for years and years.

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