Here, bun bun bun

Today i’m heading east to Lebanon, OR to help a farmer out with a bun situation. She raises Angora rabbits and needs to be sure her culls get properly culled, without wasting her husband’s one day off with butchering. Step in Miranda and Pocket, ready to dispatch and butcher some buns for family eating. I’ll be splitting the meat with the farmer in trade for my time.

Wish me luck! I’ve butchered buns but have not dispatched them myself. I’ve been reading various websites and books, including my favorite Basic Butchering of Livestock and Game in preparation. Friends and other folks continue to tell me “oh, you’ll never bring yourself to do THAT” when i tell them about raising meat rabbits to feed Pocket and the human family members….. well here i am, set to prove them wrong!

Wish me and the buns luck for quick and humane deaths and relatively easy going parting out. Here’s to some delicious meals in trade for a few hours of my time and 90 miles of driving.

Have you ever butchered a rabbit? What is your preferred method?

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