Friday Favorites: Delicious Beer

A deviation from “useful” here’s some eye candy for you beer drinkers out there.

I don’t usually drink beer, but when i do, it had better be delicious. Here are some of my favorite pints from local Rogue Brewery (Newport) and Block 15 (Corvallis.)

And you can’t imbibe without sharing some delicious rosemary fries. Rosemary, people. And garlic. Amazing.

Are you a beer drinker? Do you prefer small craft brews or do you throw back one of the ‘big boys’?


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2 Responses to Friday Favorites: Delicious Beer

  1. Mary

    Small craft beers are the best-especially really small (as in brewed at home)! The big boys just don’t cut it if I am going to imbibe.

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