Fiber Fridays: Bootie FAIL

Does this look like a baby booty to you?

Cuz I’m thinking not so much. I downloaded a pattern from Ravelry that looked super cute in theory, but reads pretty lazily and isn’t working well for me. I quit. This is my first real knitting failure, but i’m not disheartened. I will persevere. Using a DIFFERENT pattern.

So, i stopped by the library and picked up THIS book, Natural Nursery Knits for further inspiration including a really adorable booty pattern. If you search Amazon for books using the keywords “baby knits,” it is overwhelming and overly awesome. I think i will be requesting at least 15 books from my local library as soon as my sister knows what sex her baby is. I am a woman on a mission. A mission to knit garments for my niece or nephew that are uber adorable, functional or frivolous, and sure to be loved (hopefully) and saved for doll shoes or souvenirs once they’re outgrown. I also want to make some matching slippers for the new mom, so wish me luck finding “the” pattern for me, and feel free to comment with your ideas!

And since our “child” is a corgi, i also picked up a book for her: You Lucky Dog, which is more than a little silly, but does have some useful and cute-as-all-get-out sewing/craft projects to cloth and pamper a dog. I think we’ll be utilizing the ‘step’ pattern to make her a foamy staircase to prevent her from hopping down from the couch on her own which isn’t advisable for corgis’ long spines, though she does it all the time.

Speaking of corgis, the custom-corgi orders continue to pour in at Fiber Friends, but i’m making time to felt some other critters to add the the menagerie. My featured friend for this week is a sweet little mouse.

No nasty droppings or crumbs will be coming from this little doormouse, just a gentle stare to keep your books and dust bunnies company on a shelf or windowsill. See more photos of her here and let me know what you think. Also, keep bringing the suggestions for new critters coming! Next up is sure to be a spotted giraffe 😉


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