Chompers the Corgi, Nubbin Version

If you’re crazy about corgis like I am and spend any time at all on Instagram or Facebook, you will nearly certainly recognize this adorable mug:

That’s Chompers! Chompers hails from San Francisco and is a super cute tri-color male who loves to ham for his mama’s camera. Chompers and Pocket have been scheming on a fun collaboration, including an upcoming auction later this summer. Be on the lookout for some special goodies from Chompers and Fiber Friends in the next week or two and get ready to do some ‘squee’ing: some serious cuteness is on the horizon! Here’s a preview of Chompers in Fiber Friends Nubbin form!

Seriously, that tiny duck-chick just kills me with cuteness. I foresee felting an entire army of those things….. it must be done.  Stay tuned for some more Chompers fun! Be sure and check him out on Facebook and Instagram as his cuteness is sure to make your day. :)


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